Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm back and I'm sharing this great news about my trip to North haven Maine. This has been a desire of mine to visit this small island off the coast of maine since the second I had the idea to write Killer Caregiver. Of course this idea came to me 20 years ago when I looked off my high deck and said to myself boy this would be something if when I looked down and saw water instead of grass. Yep. That was the seed planted anfd from there I started asking myself where should this novel take place? Somewhere with water and...cliffs! High cliffs...... ...Maine. rocky shores, cliffs and the then what? well, where in Maine? I didn't know so I called a travel agentand the some of the suggestions were bed and breakfasts, busy tourist areas and then private islands....well, at that time I wasn't sure who, what where why or when but just those words...private island, germinated the seed and baby, I had the where! A private island in Maine. Why? Well, my smile kind of took a downward slope and that's not a good sight to see for someone who was battling an MS flare up at that time. I was having trouble walking and my mouth was numb and tingling and when I talked I slurred my words but the good news (if you could believe that) was the symptoms were not life threatening. Yeah, right, tell that to my three little babies who needed their mother to hold them, feed them, change them and walk with them! Not a good time but things could be worse and yes they usually are for the princess who lives in a faraway castle cause her bed has a mattress that she just can't get comfortable in......okay, okay I 'll stick to the subject!! Anyway, where was I? Yes. MS, the island Maine. Okay. So I had the location. Now why would I need to have a character on a private island? is she rich? Nope not in my books. Well.not at first...hmm. Sick? Please! I am sick and I don't need to write about it not then.......later, now yep but not then! So, why the private island? She's hiding!!! But from what??? A murderer? thief? No...someone who has hurt her........but she survived. A rapist...well it rhymes with rapist...a sadist!!! yep! that's how i came up with ssdist!!!!So now we have a private island in maine, North haven and a heroine who has been attacked by a sadist...and the rest as they say can be discovered in my soon to arrive romatic suspense called Killer caregiver. Check it out and my blog on Black velvet seductions whewn i travel to North haven and see thre private island where my characters will roam the orcky shores and make love on water drenched jettys. Oh there's terror behind every rock once you open this book and I have to say heartbreak as well....Survivors still suffer until the fat lady sings...and honeys she ain't even close to closing her mouth...until the final i is dotted...... ........Thanks for giving this a look and i hope to hear and see all of you when Killer arrives. have a great night, dear tehya be well, happy and blessed as all of you! I'll check in with you again when I come to RR chatters again....... ......... .All the best to all of you......... ..Love, Janice www.jcmccabe. blogspot. com

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