Sunday, September 28, 2008

North Haven pictures

Hello to all!

Come and join me as we take the ferry to my beloved island, North Haven where my character Abby goes to recover from a near fatal attack by one of the worst serial sexual sadist's in the USA. This small tranquil island is the perfect local for someone who needs privacy and safety and the FBI believes Abby will be safe living there with Kurt Woermann, a family friend especially when they declare her brain dead to the public. But nowhere is safe for Abby and no one can hide her when evil comes and leaves a calling card............

Local Lobster Fisherman

Photo Courtesy of Jayne Lynx


Photo Courtesy of Jayne Lynx

Heartfelt Thanks

Let me take this time to thank Bill McCabe, Dr. Scott Lynch and Jayne Lynx for take time out of their busy schedules and making this blog about North Haven a success. Without them this idea of mine could not have been possible.
To my publisher Laurie Sanders for supporting me in every step of the way.....

And finally,join me in dedicating WEEKEND IN NEW ENGLAND BY BARRY MANILOW to my beloved island North Haven where GOD chose to make sure my deepest desire came true.

Shelly's Inn

Here's a picture of Shelly's (Kurt's wife) Inn and her employees with Billy the chef standing with his arm above his head. Many thanks to them!
Photo Courtesy of Jayne Lynx

Kurt's House

Here is Kurt's house where Abby is going to stay. Secluded, silent and seducting...............
Photo Courtesy of Jayne Lynx

Abbys Path

Follow Kurt and Abby down this path to a sight that will surely make pain Pause.......... Photo Courtesy of Jayne Lynx