Sunday, August 19, 2007


Unable to curb the urge to stare at the man her father believed would keep her safe, Abby studied him closely from behind her tinted lenses. He was tall, easily towering over her father by at least a foot. His height and squared broad shoulders beneath a gray jacket were formidable enough to deter even the worthiest of opponents. His hair, an unusual shade of wet sand was cut close to his powerful neck. There was nothing in his face that made her feel comfortable. In fact, pain had left its personal stamp etched deeply into every groove and line of his face.
Feeling his eyes upon her, sent warmth flooding her being but when he extended his long strong hand toward her she jerked back.
Slightly narrowing his eyes, he let his hand drop to his side. A half smile curled one side of his mouth as he inclined his head. “Welcome to North Haven Abby.”
His eyes, a brilliant match for an indigo sky quickly lit a match beneath her skin releasing a torrent of warmth. His features, although strongly pronounced with lines penetrating his face, still managed to enhance his masculinity. Two indentations in his cheeks would dimple if he let them but that would be impossible because she knew she was staring at a face that hadn’t welcomed a smile for a very long time.
Sensations like molten heat channeled through her as Kurt’s dark eyes settled on her face. Jerking away because for a wild second she feared he would touch her she turned to her father ready to tell him he had to be out of his mind if he thought she was going to stay with a man she hardly remembered, whose eyes literally stripped her bare with one look.
As she was about ready to turn and head for the ferry, her father caught sight of her movement and wrapped a hand around her wrist.
“Abby doesn’t remember you Kurt. She was still young when you left us—“
“Can I speak to you alone for a minute Dad?” Her voice was firm. There was no way she was staying on this island. Her place was in New Jersey not with someone she didn’t know and didn’t want to know. Taking a deep breath to control her wildly pounding heart she laid a hand on her father’s. “Now?”
Her father had to see reason. Kurt may have a past with her father but not with her! She should be back in New Jersey, helping the FBI find the bastard who had sliced her face apart.
Feeling the way her fingers were clutching his arm, JC turned to her, knowing how hard it was for her to leave her family and live with a man she hardly knew on a small island no one had ever heard of but JC would go through the fire to keep that bastard from finding her.
“Listen Abby, I can tell by the way your chin is jutting up that you don’t like this. But you are staying. This is for your safety. Kurt is good enough to let you stay with him.” When she didn’t respond, he let out a heavy breath. “Abby, if that bastard finds out the FBI’s ruse—“
“Yes. My life will be in danger but Dad—““Not only your life Abby, but other lives as well. This bastard cuts through bodies like he cuts through paper. If he finds out you are not brain-dead, he will find out where you are and who helped get you here. Other lives are in danger Abby. I know you well enough to know that you always put other’s safety before your own.”


Kathy Kulig said...

Sounds like a great book JC. Love the pictures on the blog too. Good luck with your new release.

Sherry James said...

Sounds great, JC. Enjoy the euphoria!!

Sherry James